WPI Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University

“NanoLSI Upcoming Research” A poster session was held by young researchers (4/15/2022)

On April 15, a poster session entitled “NanoLSI Upcoming Research” was held by NanoLSI young researchers. The purpose of this event was to encourage young researchers to learn about each other’s research and to establish new connections in preparation for applying for Transdisciplinary Research Promotion Grant FY2022. Including students, a total of about 70 people (including 29 poster presenters) participated in the session making it a big event.

As this was the first face-to-face-only event in a long time since the Corona pandemic, participants seemed to enjoy interacting with others while taking infection control measures, and many were enthusiastic in asking questions and having deep discussions.

According to a principal investigator, it is very difficult to generate collaborative research, and that there are only a few projects a year. However, he said that the shortcut to the development of collaborative research is to provide researchers with opportunities to interact and learn about each other’s research, as was the case at this poster session.

First Venue: Main Conference Room ,4th floor of the NanoLSI bldg.


Second venue: Conference Room 1+2, 4th floor of the NanoLSI bldg.


Dr. Takehiko Ichikawa (far right) answers many questions


Dr. Sivashanmugan Kundan (left) asks questions about Dr.Takashi Sumikama’s (right) poster.