WPI Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University

Gave a lecture to high school students at Kanazawa University Global Science Campus (GSC) (9/19)

On September 19, Assoc. Prof. Satoshi Arai of Nano Life Science Institute (NanoLSI) gave a special lecture to high school students.

This lecture was conducted as part of the “Kanazawa University Global Science Campus” program.

Assoc. Prof. Arai introduced the career paths of researchers and the findings of cutting-edge research, sharing his own examples, and during the Q&A session, the participants asked more questions than the scheduled time.

After the lecture, a lab tour of NanoLSI was conducted, where the participating high school students were able to actually hold the scanner part of the AFM in their hands and experience the world’s highest level research environment.

Kanazawa University GSC:https://gsc.w3.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/