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18th Luncheon Webinar was held online on May 27, 2021

The 18th luncheon webinar was held online on Thursday, May 27, 2021.
The presenter this time was Dr. Kundan Sivashanmugan of Nanometrology, and Dr. Hideki Ikemoto served as the chairperson.
Dr. Siva gave a presentation on his background and research in India, Taiwan, and the United States.

Dr. Siva


Dr. Siva is from the Nilgiri region in the south of India.
Nilgiri is famous in Japan as a tea-producing region, and is also a popular summer resort due to its altitude of over 2000 meters.
Dr. Siva’s grandmother is a member of the Badaga tribe, who have settled in this area since the 12th century and have maintained their own culture.
His grandmother (109) is still keeping the same lifestyle today.
The age difference between her and her great-granddaughter, Zara, is over 100 years! That’s amazing.

I heard that there is a mountain railroad that runs very slowly and attracts many tourists.
I’d like to visit there to enjoy the scenery!

“Because of the high altitude, its climate is so pleasant,” said Dr. Siva.


Dr. Siva’s grandmother (center) and his daughter Zara, 2 years old (right)

Dr. Siva (left) and Dr. Ikemoto, Chair (right)

Thank you, Dr. Siva and Dr. Ikemoto!
The next luncheon webinar is scheduled for Thursday, June 24.