WPI Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University

Open Facility Programs

Opportunities to use world-class Biological Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility

Open Facility Programs

Researchers at NanoLSI have engaged in the pioneering development of original Biological Scanning Probe Microscopy (Bio-SPM) technologies, such as high-resolution AFM (FM-AFM/3D-AFM), high-speed AFM, and scanning ion conductance microscope (SICM), and applied them to the life sciences.

We are pleased to offer you opportunities to use our facilities for imaging your own biological samples or materials for biological research, and realize their potentials.

Through the programs, we would like to foster research collaborations and networks.


Bio-SPM Summer School

*FY2020 program canceled.

Bio-SPM Collaborative Research

*Accepting applications only from within Japan.

Visiting Fellows Program

*FY2019 program postponed.

Research report summaries of the Bio-SPM Collaborative Research Program

Reports on the research findings of the year-long program.


・FY2019 *Coming soon

・FY2020 *Coming soon