Bio-SPM Summer School

11th Call for participation

→Applications were closed as of May 15. Thank you for your applications.
If you have not received an email notification of acceptance after submitting your application, please contact us just in case.
Contact: nanoss2023_rec[at]
*Please replace [at] with @.


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The research teams of Kanazawa University have engaged in the pioneering development of original Bio-SPM technologies, including atomic resolution/3D-AFM, high-speed AFM, and scanning ion conductance microscope (SICM), and applied them to the life sciences.

The Nano Life Science Institute (WPI-NanoLSI), Kanazawa University, will hold a “Bio-SPM Summer School” and is calling on young researchers and students who are interested in Bio-SPM systems. In this school, we provide participants with the opportunity to use our Bio-SPM systems for imaging of their own samples and realize their potentials.

Participants can choose among systems ranging from atomic resolution/3D-AFM, high-speed AFM, and SICM, according to their purpose. From 2022, participants can choose a further system, AFM for Cell Measurement. Please refer to Overview of each Bio-SPM technology for more information.

Biological samples or materials related to biological research are available for imaging with Bio-SPMs.

The NanoLSI faculty members serve as instructors and teach not only how to use the instruments but also the preparation of samples. Observation of your own samples will be carried out as collaborative research with the instructors.

Application Eligibility

  • Young researchers and students who are interested in observing their own samples by Bio-SPMs. Prior knowledge of Bio-SPM is not required.
  • Those who can participate in the entire schedule of Bio-SPM Summer School.
  • Those who participated in the previous Bio-AFM Summer School are no longer eligible to participate. Please apply our Bio-SPMs collaborative research.


Aug 28th (Mon), 2023 – Sep 2nd (Sat), Nano Life Science Institute, NanoLSI, Kanazawa University, Kakuma Campus

All the participants will gather at NanoLSI on Aug 28th and follow the schedule below.

  • On the first day (Aug 28th), lectures and self-introduction session will be held in the morning.
  • From Aug 28th afternoon to Sep 1st, you will all be divided into SPM rooms designated by the instructors and Bio-SPM experiments will be carried out.
  • On the last day (Sep 2nd), results will be presented in a meeting.

Programs will be conducted in English

Application deadline

Application must reach us by May 15th, 2023 (Monday)

How to apply

Please submit your application to nanoss2023_rec[at] *Please replace [at] with @.

Application Form [WORD] [PDF]


Around 20

We will review your applications and select participants.


Participation fee: Free of charge

  • Transportation to Kanazawa University and accommodation during your stay in Kanazawa will be paid according to the regulations of Kanazawa University. The amount of reimbursement will be up to 200,000 JPY. However, if you live overseas and your airfare is likely to exceed the maximum allowance, please consult with us after adoption.
  • You will be responsible for the shipping costs of the samples you bring with you, as well as food and miscellaneous daily expenses during your stay.
  • You will stay at the accommodation arranged by Kanazawa University.

Publication of the results

When the results obtained in the Bio-SPM Summer School are expected to be a part of a manuscript, etc., please consult with your instructor(s) before submitting, as is generally the case for collaborative research.