Probing life at the nanoscale

We are a community of scientists spanning four domains: Nanometrology, Life Science, Supramolecular Chemistry, and Computational Science. We have regularly shared insights, perspectives, and methodologies with colleagues in the institute’s other research fields.

By engaging in such transdisciplinary dialogue, we have developed a deep mutual understanding that helps us to advance world-leading research in our respective fields and to make effective use of the shared body of knowledge and research expertise.

The result is a close-knit community of diverse scientists, and it is our goal to nurture and evolve the ideas that only such a community can produce. As a one-of-kind research center, we are firmly committed to generating a steady stream of new discoveries and concepts, and translating them into advances in science and technology, in a constant cycle of creation and evolution.

We invite you to join us pursue world-leading research exploring unchartered nano-realms!