WPI Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University

Rules of the NanoLSI research building

How to dispose of waste

Please refer to this file.

Industrial Waste Disposal Sheet Form1 (No toxic substance)
Form2 (Infectious Industrial Waste)
Form3 (Noninfectious culture media)


For sludge contaminated with toxic substances, please enter its data into the Chemical Substance Management System of the Environment Preservation Center at http://prtr.epc.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/cmsys/.

Security of the building

The automatic doors in the building are locked and must be opened with an ID card. If you wish to allow non-staff members to pass through, please open the door from inside of the building or apply for access card to the NanoLSI Office. However, the main entrance (2nd floor) and the door of the connecting hallway to the Natural Science and Technology Hall 1 (4th floor) are open on weekdays from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, so you can pass through without an ID card.

Outdoor shoes areas

As a rule, outdoor shoes are not allowed in the building. The areas that are open for outdoor shoes are shown in this drawing.
*However, the hallway leading from the 1st floor shoe shelves to the outdoor shoes area is, in principle, not allowed for outdoor shoes, but only in exceptional cases that staff and students who have rooms on the 1st floor want to enter and exit from the 2nd or 4th floor.

Booking for Meeting Rooms

The NanoLSI new building has the following six meeting rooms.

4F Main Conference Room, Conference Room 1, Conference Room 2
1F Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room 2, Meeting Room 3

Reservations are required to use the meeting rooms. Please make a reservation on the Facility Reservation page of Acanthus Portal.
For the reservation manual, click here.
Please note that the Institute’s events may take precedence, especially for the conference rooms on the 4th floor.

Cleaning areas

The areas to be cleaned by a cleaning company are shown in this drawing.
Please contact the NanoLSI Office if you need to adjust the cleaning time to use the common areas for events, etc.


Letterbox is located in the NanoLSI Office on the 4th floor, Please check appropriately.
For the layout , click here.

Visualizing inside of a faculty’s room

It is forbidden to block the slit or windows of a faculty’s room with furniture or other objects that permanently obscure the inside of the room from the hallway. If you want to make the room temporarily invisible from the hallway, use the provided window blinds.