WPI Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University

Joint Projects

The Nano Life Science Institute will establish a new field of study called Nanoprobe Life Science, which integrates the studies of nanometrology, supramolecular chemistry, life science, and computational science.

The following two missions form the pillars that support the abovementioned objective:

1. Development of nano-endoscopic techniques

Integrated fields of study:
scanning probe microscopy + supramolecular chemistry + multi-scale simulation

Establishment of technology to directly observe, analyze, and manipulate the nano-scale movement of proteins and nucleic acids on the cell surface and in the cell.

2. Elucidation of nano-scale movements of normal and cancerous cells

Integrated fields of study:
scanning probe microscopy + life science + multi-scale simulation

Nano-scale understanding of basic cellular functions, and elucidation of molecular cell movements through comparisons of normal and cancerous cells.