Posted:Sep 18, 2020 News

The 4th Luncheon Webinar was held on 9/17

On September 17, the 4th Luncheon Webinar was held online and Dr. Madu Biyani (Life Science) introduced her latest research topic and her background. Prof. Miki Nakajima supported her as a chair.

Dr. Biyani is from India. Since she has lived in Japan for many years, she is very familiar with differences between Japan and India such as climate, culture, and education, etc.

In addition, Dr. Biyani has been deeply involved to support local educational institutions such as Biyani Girls College and many international cultural exchange activities that help young students in both countries to develop better relationships with each other.

A lot of questions were asked by the participants regarding her research work using HS-AFM, which is a key technique in the NanoLSI. One of the NanoLSI staff asked her to recruit some excellent Indian students who attended the University.

It was a meaningful and enjoyable luncheon webinar with high expectations for future joint research and the acquisition of excellent Indian students.

Speaker: Dr. Madhu Biyani

Chair: Prof. Miki Nakajima