Posted:Aug 27, 2020 News

The 2nd Luncheon Webinar was held on 8/27

On August 27, the 2nd Luncheon Webinar was held online. Dr. Leonardo Puppulin (Nanometrology) introduced his latest research topic and his background and Dr. Mikihiro Shibata supported the webinar as a chair.

Dr. Puppulin who is from Italy also talked about his beautiful hometown, festivals, and Japanese animation he watched in his childhood. About 40 NanoLSI members joined this webinar and enjoyed Dr. Pupplin’s talk.

*Due to COVID-19, this event is organized as a replacement for the Luncheon Meeting held every Thursday.

NanoLSI Luncheon Webinar

Speaker: Dr. Leonardo Puppulin

Chair: Dr. Mikihiro Shibata