Posted:Apr 6, 2022 Event

Call for 10th Bio-SPM Summer School

Deadline extended to Monday, July 18!!

The research teams of Kanazawa University have engaged in the pioneering development of original Bio-SPM technologies, including super-resolution AFM (FM-AFM/3D-AFM), high-speed AFM, and scanning ion conductance microscope (SICM), and applied them to the life sciences.

The Nano Life Science Institute (WPI-NanoLSI), Kanazawa University, will hold a “Bio-SPM Summer School” and is calling on young researchers and students who are interested in Bio-SPM systems. In this school, we provide participants with the opportunity to use our Bio-SPM systems for imaging of their own samples and realize their potentials.

Participants can choose among systems ranging from super-resolution AFM, high-speed AFM, and SICM, according to their purpose. From this year, participants can choose a further system, AFM for Cell Measurement.

Please refer to the “Overview of each Bio-SPM technology” section of this web page for more information.

Biological samples or materials related to biological research are available for imaging with Bio-SPMs.

The NanoLSI faculty members serve as instructors and teach not only how to use the instruments but also the preparation of samples. Observation of your own samples will be carried out as collaborative research with the instructors.

For more information, please go to Bio-SPM Summer School page.