Phone and Internet


1. Emergency Numbers (Toll-free)

Police: 110
Fire and Ambulance: 119

2. Making International Calls to and from Japan

From Japan:

Public phones (international calls)

You can make international calls via marked “International Pay Phone Booths” by using coins or Japanese telephone cards. There is one at the Kanazawa University Central Bus Stop.

  1. Dial the Service number of telephone company
    *Service number of telephone company :
    001(KDDI), 0033 (NTT Communications) or 0061 (Softbank Corp.), etc.
  2. Dial the international dialing access code (010)
  3. Dial the country code for the country you are calling
  4. If the number starts with a 0 (zero), drop the first 0 and then dial the rest of the number.

International phone cards

You can also call overseas from any public phone using an “International Pre-paid Phone Card.” They are available at the University Co-op store and most convenience stores. Follow the instructions for your pre-paid phone card for how to make a phone call with them.

To Japan:

  1. Dial the international dialing access code (code various from country, typically 00, 011, or 0011)
  2. Dial Japan’s country code (81)
  3. If the number starts with a 0, drop the first 0 and then dial the rest of the number.

Country Codes:
Please use the following website to find country codes and dialing access codes:

3. Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are commonly used in Japan. There are three major mobile phone companies, au, Softbank, NTT DoCoMo, and many data and voice SIM providers such as IIJmio, Mineo, UQ Mobile, etc. Depending on what services you want and how much you want to pay you there are many options for you to choose from. Directly visiting a store is the easiest way to contract with a mobile provider. In the Mori no Sato area (the area around the Wakamatsu bus stop and AEON) has shops for au, NTT DoCoMo, UQ Mobile and Y!mobile.


As with mobile phones, internet is in widespread use across Japan and there are many different ways to access the internet depending on your needs. In order to set up internet in your apartment you will need to contract with an internet provider. If your room doesn’t have internet capability, then you may have to have a connection made to the main optical fiber line through NTT Nishi-Nihon which maintains the optical fiber network in Kanazawa.