There are hospitals and clinics with English speaking services in Kanazawa, including the Kanazawa University Hospital. Please refer to the following website for more information about these services.

  1. Medical Facilities with Foreign Language Support in Ishikawa Prefecture (Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange)
  2. Kanazawa University Hospital

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

This Questionnaire was produced to help sick or injured people with little or no Japanese language ability explain their symptoms to the doctor. There are separate translations for each hospital department and 18 languages available.

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (International Community Hearty Konandai and Kanagawa International Foundation)

If you cannot explain your symptoms to a medical doctor in Japanese, the following translation application will be useful.

OBGYN and Maternity Services

Most women in Japan give birth at birthing clinics rather than large hospitals. In addition, expectant mothers receive a Mother/Child Handbook (which will record all prenatal checkups, the birth as well as all health checks of the child after birth) between 8 and 9 weeks into the pregnancy as well as a booklet of tickets for free prenatal/postnatal checkups. As your pregnancy progresses your OBGYN will inform you when you need to go to the Community Health Center to pick up these documents.

Child Health Care

If you have children between the ages of 0 and 15 you can apply with the city to receive a “Child Medical Assistance” card. With this card the cost of visiting clinics/hospitals is limited to 500 yen per day, hospitalization costs to 1,000 yen per month and the costs of medicine are free. For help applying for this card, please contact the administrative office. For more information, please visit the following website.

Child Medical Assistance Card (Kanazawa City: Japanese only)