Posted:Oct 9, 2020 News

The 6th Luncheon Webinar was held on 10/8

On October 8, the 6th Luncheon Webinar was held online and Dr. Sandip Das (Supramolecular Chemisty) introduced his latest research topic and his background. Dr. Tatsuya Nishimura supported him as a chair.

During the question and answer session, in-depth questions about the results of his experiment were asked, and the discussion got lively.

In addition to his research, Dr. Sandip is from India, the home of curry, so he was asked what he thought about Japanese curry and rice. There was a scene where we were relieved to receive an endorsement from him that Japanese curry is also delicious and healthy.

The Luncheon Webinar will be suspended for a while due to the move to a new research building. The next Luncheon Webinar will be held under a new environment and with a fresh mind.

Opening Slide

Speaker: Dr. Sandip Das

Chair: Dr. Tatsuya Nishimura