Posted:Nov 24, 2020 News

The 8th Luncheon Webinar was held on 11/19

On November 19, the 8th Luncheon Webinar was held online and Dr. Takashi Sumikama (Computational Science) gave a talk about his background and the research he is currently working on. Dr. Hideki Ikemoto supported him as a chair.

He presented a unique proposal for the establishment of the 22nd Century Nano Science Museum in Kanazawa. The mascot of the museum is Doraemon, because he came from the future, the 22nd century. The entrance to the museum is a secret tool, the “Gulliver Tunnel,” so visitors can become smaller and experience the Nano science in the small world!

Thank you, Dr. Sumikama and the chairperson, Dr. Ikemoto, for a wonderful time!

Speaker: Dr. Takashi Sumikama

Chair: Dr. Hideki Ikemoto(left) Speaker: Dr. Takashi Sumikama (right)

Imanaga from the outreach group, NanoLSI office
First attempt for a MC…