Posted:Dec 9, 2020 News

The 9th NanoLSI luncheon webinar was held online (12/10)

On December 10, the 9th NanoLSI luncheon webinar was held online. This time, Dr. Marina Makarova (Nanometrology) gave a presentation on her research topic and career history, and Dr. Hideki Ikemoto supported her as a chairperson.

Dr. Makarova was born in Moscow, Russia, and after graduating from university, she continued her research in different countries and locations, including Prague (Czech Republic) and Japan (Tsukuba, Akita). During the question and answer session, there were questions about the differences and impressions of different countries such as Russia, Czech Republic, and Japan, in addition to her research. When asked about the best places to visit in Russia, she said that Moscow is crowded and St. Petersburg is a better choice. St. Petersburg is also famous for its white nights in summer.

It was a really fun webinar, and Dr.Marina’s personality really shone through. Thank you very much!

Speaker:Dr. Marina Makarova

Chairperson:  Dr. Hideki Ikemoto

”Marina” means “Raspberry” in Russian.

Dr. Ikemoto (left) and Dr. Marina (right)

The next Luncheon Webinar, the 10th, December 17, will be the last luncheon webinar of 2020!