Posted:Jul 10, 2018 News

KAKENHI Introductory Seminar for NanoLSI (English)

On July 6th, the KAKENHI Introductory Seminar for NanoLSI Faculty was held at the NanoLSI Building F1.  Twelve faculty members participated in this seminar which was held as a part of NanoLSI’s weekly “T-meeting.”

During the seminar, Dr. Sato from Organization of Frontier Science and Innovation (O-FSI) gave a lecture on the basic idea of KAKENHI and how to write a KAKENHI grant application.

Following Dr. Sato’s lecture, Prof. Richard Wong (NanoLSI) and Assoc. Prof. Dominic Voon (Cancer Research Institute), who were invited as guest speakers, presented their tips based on their experience with writing a successful KAKENHI grant application.

At the seminar, the participants and speakers had a lively question-and-answer session and discussion.