Posted:Mar 9, 2021 Event

NanoLSI Open Seminar “Synthetic Tissue Formation: Programming Multicellular Self-organization” was held (3/5)

On March 5, 2021, NanoLSI held the Open Seminar and 40 researchers and students participated.

At the seminar, Assistant Professor Satoshi Toda (Life Science) gave a presentation on his latest research titled Synthetic Tissue Formation: Programming Multicellular Self-organization. His lecture provoked active discussion.

After the seminar, a social event was held for the first time using an online conference application called SpatialChat. At the event, there was a relaxed atmosphere and a frank exchange of opinions among the researchers took place. It is expected to be a new regular networking event in the future.

Speaker: Asst. Prof. Satoshi Toda

Dr. Hideki Ikemoto (left) served as the chairperson.

Live online streaming

The social event held by SpatialChat