Posted:May 17, 2023 News

Professor Miki Nakajima gave a presentation at the Excursion of the G7 Toyama-Kanazawa Education Ministerial Meeting

On Monday, May 15, an excursion of the G7 Toyama-Kanazawa Education Ministers’ Meeting was held at the Kanazawa University. The Ministers and representatives from G7 countries and international organizations visited the Kanazawa University.

At the opening, President Wada gave a welcome speech mentioning on the history and development of the university and stated that Kanazawa University will encourage its students and researchers to be fully active in realizing a society where each individual can shine. Next, Dr. Nakamura, Director in charge of Research, introduced efforts to realize Well-being through “future knowledge” generated by the university’s research and social co-creation activities. As specific initiatives, Professor Miki Nakajima of the Nano Life Science Institute (NanoLSI) and others gave presentations, explaining the results of KU’s advanced research and industry-university collaborative projects that aim for the future of society. 

In her presentation entitled” Visualizing small things leads to big discoveries, “she introduced NanoLSI as an international research center unlike any other in the world, mentioning bio-scanning probe microscope (SPM) technology and about 36% of researchers are from overseas, including G7 countries. Also, Professor Nakajima and Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Madhu Biyani introduced their research results in identifying promising anti-cancer drug molecules using bio-SPM technology and concluded that NanoLSI will continue to engage in research activities to realize a hopeful society and people’s happiness.







For more details of the excursion, please visit the Kanazawa University Website.