Posted:Feb 3, 2020 News

2nd WPI-NanoLSI Special Seminar -Frontiers in Chem-Bio- was held (1/30)

On January 30, the 2nd WPI-NanoLSI Special Seminar -Frontiers in Chem-Bio- was held at Large Conference Room, Natural Science and Technology Library Hall, Kakuma Campus, Kanazawa University and 70 researchers and students participated.

The main purpose of this seminar is to enhance further advanced research collaborations among Supramolecular Chemistry and Life Science and 7 eminent researchers gave talks.

During this special seminar, Prof. Hiroaki Suga (The University of Tokyo/ Advisory board member of NanoLSI), Prof. Satoshi Arai (WPI-NanoLSI Kanazawa University), Prof. Koichiro Uto (WPI-MANA National Institute for Material Science), Prof. Kazuhito Tabata (The University of Tokyo), Prof. Shinya Tsukiji (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Prof. Hiromi Imamura (Kyoto University), Prof. Isao Kii (Shinshu University), and Prof. Satoshi Arai (WPI-NanoLSI Kanazawa University) introduced their latest research results.

At the seminar, each speaker received many questions and comments that exceeded the Q & A time. It was a very meaningful opportunity to lead transdisciplinary research.

Prof. Hiroaki Suga

Prof. Koichiro Uto

Prof. Kazuhito Tabata

Prof. Shinya Tsukiji

Prof. Hiromi Imamura

Prof. Isao Kii

Prof. Satoshi Arai