Posted:Jan 28, 2021 Event

24th Luncheon Meeting was held online on January 28

The presenter this time was Dr. Feng Li of the Supramolecular Chemistry Group, who had just arrived in December. Dr. Tomoki Ogoshi from Kyoto chaired the session remotely, and there was a lively exchange of opinions during the Q&A session after the presentations.

Dr. Li in a Q&A session.

Dr. Ogoshi, chaired from Kyoto!

China –> Japan –> USA –> Switzerland –> Japan

Dr. Li explained about his hometown in Hunan Province (capital: Changsha City), China, where there are many historical sites well known to Japanese people.
There was also some humorous quizzes based on his experience of living in different countries.
Thank you very much for a very enjoyable lunchtime, Dr. Li and Dr. Ogoshi!

There are a lot of red chilis & green chilis on steamed fish!! Wow!!

Here are quizzes for you.

The next session will be held on February 18, starting at 12:05. We will have Luncheon Meeting only once in February, so please do not miss it!!