Posted:Feb 18, 2021 Event

25th Luncheon Meeting was held online on February 18

This time, Dr. Arin Marchesi from Nanometrology group talked about his career and hometown, etc., and Dr. Clemens Franz supported him as a chairperson.

Dr. Arin is from Trieste in northeastern Italy, and his name “Arin” was taken from a Japanese anime character that was very popular in Italy at that time.

At university, he majored in psychology, but after entering graduate school, he expanded his research to neuroscience and neurobiology, and then to AFM research.

The wine brand Procecco is famous around Trieste, and you can buy it at the Morinosato Aeon near the university. The food seems to go well with the wine!

Dr. Arin and Dr. Clemens, Thank you both for the fun talk in the webinar!

The next luncheon meeting is scheduled to be held online on Thursday, March 18th. Look forward to it!

Dr. Arin(left) and Dr.Clemens(right) look enjoying.

Dr. Arin giving his talk.

From psychology to AFM via ion channels.

Tasty foods and wine!