WPI Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University


If available, the Kakuma Guest House, located in Kanazawa University’s Kakuma campus, is the closest accommodation to the university. However, the closest shops and restaurants are a 5-minute bus ride or 25-minute walk away.
The next nearest hotels are located in the Korinbo/Katamachi area, about a 15-minute bus ride from campus. During weekdays, there are many buses that run between this area and the university. For more information, please see the following websites. There are many hotels in the Katamachi/Korinbo area, so please use this list as a starting point.

1. Kakuma Guest House (Japanese language only)

2. Toyoko Inn Kanazawa Kenrokuen Korinbo *Korinbo area

3. Hotel Trusty Kanazawa Korinbo *Korinbo area

4. APA Hotel Kanazawa Chuo *Katamachi area