Posted:Jan 27, 2023 News

NanoLSI Open Seminar was held (January 23, 2023)

On January 23, the NanoLSI Open Seminar was held in a hybrid format, attended by about 25 participants at the venue and about 15 participants online.

This time, two assistant professors of Computational Science, Dr. Damien Hall and Dr. Takashi Sumikama invited one speaker each as a joint seminar. Emeritus Professor Fumio Arisaka of the Tokyo Institute of Technology gave a talk titled “Analytical Ultracentrifugation and Light Scattering as methods for protein characterization in solution,” and Dr. Ichiro Hiratani of RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research gave a talk titled “Unraveling the dynamic 3D genome architecture through single-cell DNA replication profiling” After the talks, participants asked many questions and it provided a meaningful time for exchange of opinions.