Posted:Jan 6, 2023 News

The 15th NanoLSI Colloquium was held

Even though it was early in the start of 2023, about 80 people (on-site: 34, online: just under 50) attended.

Under the chairmanship of Prof. Kunio Matsumoto (Life Science), the event was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere from start to finish, with presenters Prof. Richard Wong (Life Science), Assoc. Prof. Satoshi Arai (Supramolecular Chemistry), Assoc. Prof. Satoru Okuda (Computational Science) first gave New Year greetings, and then ran the presentations of their latest research.
The presenters also invited Assoc. Prof. Azuma Taoka and Asst. Prof. Cong Vu to jump in and give the additional explanations.

During each Q&A session, questions were raised one after another by Director Takeshi Fukuma and others, leading to a lively discussion.

Afterward, a social event was held in front of the conference venue with sweets such as to Celebrate the Kanazawa New Year, and the event ended on a high note.
The next Colloquium is scheduled for March 2023.

Chair Prof. Kunio Matsumoto

Prof. Richard Wong

Assoc. Prof. Satoshi Arai

Assoc. Prof. Satoru Okuda

Q&A Session

Prof. Director Takeshi Fukuma

Assoc. Prof. Clemens Franz

Social gathering #1

Social gathering #2

Social gathering #3