Posted:Dec 9, 2022 News

The 14th NanoLSI Colloquium was held

We held the 14th NanoLSI Colloquium in a hybrid format in NanoLSI Main Conference Room on Thursday, December 8, 2022.

On this day, Prof. Katsuhiro Maeda (Supramolecular Chemistry) chaired the session, and Asst. Prof.Kazuki Miyata (Jr. PI, Nanometrology), Prof. Atsushi Hirao (Life Sciences) and Prof. Kunio Matsumoto and Asst. Prof. Neval Yilmaz (Life Sciences) presented their latest research as well.

During each Q&A session, questions were raised one after the other and active discussions went on.

Afterwards, a social event was held in front of the lecture hall, which was a great success.

Chair  Prof. Katsuhiro Maeda

Asst. Prof. Kazuki Miyata

Prof. Atsushi Hirao

Prof. Kunio Matsumoto

Asst. Prof. Neval Yilmaz

Prof. Takeshi Fukuma, asking a question.

Assoc. Prof. Hitoshi Asakawa

Assoc. Prof. Katsuya Sakai

Asst. Prof. Satoshi Toda

Lively exchange zone